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1,600 new hirings for permanent posts in public sector

Featured 1,600 new hirings for permanent posts in public sector

Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) plans to permanently recruit 1,600 new employees in the public sector in crucial areas such as health, safety, and customer service soon.

ASEP is expected to start the recruiting procedures of 1,500 special guards, who will be hired on a five-year contract with the Greek Police.

All Greek citizens, men, and women, who are interested to apply for the position, according to the newspaper “Ta Nea”, must:

– Be graduates of all types of High School or other equivalent schools

– Be up to 28 years of age

– Have good health and fitness, as determined by the competent Health Ranking Committee

– Not have tattoos

– Be physically, psychologically and mentally capable of meeting the demands of police work

– Have a height of at least 1.70m without shoes

– Have fulfilled their military obligations (for males)

– Have a clean police record of any felonies

– Have never been deprived of their political rights and have not used drugs

Additional credits will be awarded for extra skills or competencies, such as good knowledge of foreign languages, motorcycle or car license.

Meanwhile, the process of recruitment of 1,300 people in the Health sector to support nursing staff is moving forward.