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Acropolis damaged wheelchair lift not immediately repairable

Featured Acropolis damaged wheelchair lift not immediately repairable

Damage to the Acropolis elevator, which was already used when it was installed, cannot be restored immediately, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement.

"Since the damaged board was not found on the domestic market to repair the damage to the wheelchair transport platform, it was ordered in Germany. Estimated time of receipt of the component four working days ” the Ministry's announcement stated.

Second-hand lift on the Acropolis
It is noted by the Ministry that the elevator that was installed in July 2014 was already used and "during the last four years the elevator has not been properly maintained".

After four days the restoration on the lift on the Acropolis
As the Ministry of Culture's Athens chief of staff, Eleni Banou, informed the Ministry of Culture on Tuesday, and Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni that the platform for wheelchair transport was damaged.

The items for repair weres going to be sought on the domestic market, but as the ministry said, if not, it would take four days to ship from Germany.

"The Minister of Culture has given clear instructions for the immediate compilation of the file so that the matter can be permanently replaced by the Central Archaeological Council," the statement said.