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High speed boat chases, hidden drug caches in the Aegean

Featured High speed boat chases, hidden drug caches in the Aegean

Arrests, a drug search in a rocky cave in the Sporades, and persecution even near Athens off the coast of Agistri.

Eventually the Coast  Guard and the Police managed to put an end to the activity of the drug circuit from Albania and on Tuesday an official briefing was held by ELAS.

The pursuit of inflatable boats in Psara and Agistri
The Greek Police in cooperation with the Port Authority have dismantled an international drug trafficking and trafficking ring. Three Albanians were arrested after a large operation in the seaside area of ​​Psara, while another one fell into police hands in Agistri.

The inflatable boats of drug dealers

The perpetrators, with two high-speed boats, attempted to transport drugs to the Turkish coast from Albania. Ten crews of patrol boats, a helicopter, an aircraft as well as two Frontex air vehicles in the northeast Aegean were involved in the operation.


Port and police detect drug dealers and recorded their movements

The hidden drugs on the Sporades islet
1,172kg of raw cannabis was seized, with the perpetrators reportedly dumping large quantities of undiscovered heroin into the sea. The perpetrators had hidden the drugs in a cave on the rocky island of Piper Sporades.

Drugs from Albania were hidden in this cave


Three of those arrested are temporarily detained by order of the Public Prosecutor of Mytilene, while the fourth is currently being held before the Public Prosecutor of Volos.


Arrests and seizures
On 30/09/2019, after extensive investigations mainly in the greater Sporades maritime area, men from the Coast Guard-Greek Coast Guard found a cave on the Piperi Sporades rocky island, northeast of Alonissos with a drug trove of a total weight of one (1) ton and one hundred and seventy-two (172) kg of cannabis.

source: defence-point.com