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Greek Exports: Losses because of US tariffs against EU

Featured Greek Exports: Losses because of US tariffs against EU

Greek products exported to the United States market are likely to be hit by the $ 6.5 billion in tariffs imposed by Washington on European imports on October 18th ... 

This is a one item that will shadow the visit of Mike Pompeo, whose presence in Athens will be the big event of the weekend.

The Washington announcement came just hours after the WTO (World Trade Organization) announcement that the United States could impose tariffs on retaliation for European Union illegal state aid to European aeronautical aerospace giant Airbus as such damage the competing American company, Boeing.

Washington has decided to impose a 10% duty on aircraft imported from Europe, as well as a 25% tax on exports of other agricultural and industrial products.

The 25% duty list also includes Greek products such as yogurt, cheeses and cheese substitutes (pecorino), dairy products (butter, margarine, ointments, cream), fruit, fruit salads, desserts, compotes, jams, packaged pork, mussels, clams, seafood.