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Bill on asylum tabled in Parliament

Featured Bill on asylum tabled in Parliament

Last night, the government's bill on asylum was tabled in the House, which is being tabled tomorrow for discussion in the Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice.

As stated in the relevant explanatory memorandum, 'the proposed draft law seeks a major breakthrough in the legal framework governing the granting of international protection, as all the provisions governing the recognition and status of third-country nationals are systematized and adapted to a single legislation. country-less or stateless persons, as beneficiaries of international protection, the status of refugees or persons entitled to subsidiary protection, the reception of senior applicants, the granting process for international protection as well as judicial protection."

The 121 articles of the bill provide, inter alia:

  • the distinction of three-year residence permits to those who are recognized as refugees and one year to those who are granted subsidiary protection status
  • access to primary and secondary education of minors granted international protection status is mandatory
  • Asylum Service Special Rapid Assistance Scales are recommended to prioritize asylum requests
  • penalties are introduced for non-compliance by third-country nationals with the requirements of the law, such as the rules of procedure of the residence center and the decision to transfer to another center
  • Post-traumatic stress is eliminated as a reason for vulnerability
  • the procedures for granting and revoking international protection status and the jurisdiction of administrative courts to hear cases are being redefined.

Applicants have the right to reside in the country until the administrative process of examining the application in the first instance has been completed.
the redefinition of appeals committees, which now consist only of judicial officials - redefines the right of access for asylum seekers to work provided six months after the request has been submitted, unless a decision has been taken in the first instance and it is envisaged that until they are entitled to work applicants receive the Aliens Health Care Card, which has a validity equivalent to the validity of their coupons (except for pregnant women who are eligible for a a year).