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USS Carson City arrives at Alexandroupolis

Featured USS Carson City arrives at Alexandroupolis

USS Carson City: The first US warship to visit Alexandroupolis arrives today Monday for a 6-day visit.

Shortly after the completion of work at the Alexandroupolis port and after the signing of the Greece-US Defense Cooperation Agreement, the first US warship visit to Alexandroupolis begins tomorrow.

The ship to arrive at the port on the morning of Monday, November 4, is the USS Carson City, with a mixed crew of 90, both US Navy personnel and civilians. The US warship will remain in Alexandroupolis for five days as it is expected to sail on Saturday, November 9th.

Perhaps most important, beyond the expected call, is the visit of US Commander Europe Lieutenant General Christopher Cavoli, who will be on Friday at the Evelpidon Army Cadet School for the Land Forces Conference.

Lieutenant General Christopher Cavoli will visit Alexandroupolis for a few hours to see that everything is going well and will have contacts with the commander of the 12th Division, Lieutenant General Houdeloudis, in support of US forces that will continue to visit Alexandroupolis.