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International Innovation Award for the Greek company POLYPAN at the GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition in Dubai

Featured International Innovation Award for the Greek company POLYPAN at the GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition in Dubai

POLYPAN GROUP has won the “Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award” at the Industry Excellence Awards held at the Gulfood Manufacturing International Exhibition.

The exhibition was held at Dubai World Trade Center from 29th  to 31st of  October.

Polypan Group was recognized for its product Flavomix AX200, an innovative natural antioxidant, developed after years of research and which is exported to several countries worldwide. This award is considered to be particularly important given the size and scope of the Exhibition, as well as the competition in the final four positions with three multinationals worldwide.

Gulfood Manufacturing is the largest Exhibition of Foodstuffs and Ingredients in the Greater Middle East, Asia and African regions and one of the largest in the world. It was held for the 6th consecutive year, with the participation of 1,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries. According to the jury’s comments, as published in the exhbition’s “Show News”, Flavomix provides added value to both the food industry and end-users in the direction of “clean label” solutions, while offering multiple nutritional benefits, in addition to reducing the cost of production, which makes it extremely innovative.


POLYPAN GROUP specializes in the marketing of innovative ingredients for the Food Industry. Since the last 15 years, it has set up a strong research and development (R&D) team focused on developing natural ingredients which replace chemicals from the end-products for the benefit of the consumer. An effort that has so far been successful as the food industries are embracing the consumers demands for ways to produce natural foods. At the same time the company collaborates with Universities in Greece and abroad and participates in EU research funded programs (Horizon 2020) for the development of new innovative products.

Based on the philosophy of the company that knowledge should be available to all, Polypan’s  technologists visit, inform and advise the food industry on the latest developments in the fast-growing Food Science industry, offering their services for the dissemination  of natural food production methods for the benefit of the consumer.