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Hellenic Post issues commemorative stamps for Christmas 2019

Featured Hellenic Post issues commemorative stamps for Christmas 2019

Hellenic Post issued on Monday a commemorative set of stamps for Christmas 2019. 

In an announcement , Hellenic Post invites you to celebrate Christmas “ diffrerently”. Introducing you to the new Santa Claus assistants, starring in the four stamps and conveying the magic of Christmas along with memories, beautiful images, music, happy thoughts and a sweet wait!

The Unicorn, the Flamingo, the Lama and the Sloth, with great excitement, screams and laughter, join their forces and share gifts, letters and parcels, travel your greetings to your loved ones, wherever they are and offer their shine, joy, and stardust to children and adults. The Christmas stamps, so unique, festive and magical, send the message everywhere that finally everyone, in their own way, with a positive attitude and a smile, could become Santa Claus’s helpers!

The dimensions of the stamps, designed by Anthoula Lygka, are offered in sheets of 25 are 35x45 and will be available for a year (until November 24, 2020) at the Hellenic Post Offices.