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Greek rescue teams rush to aid Albania

Featured Greek rescue teams rush to aid Albania

Greece's response to the Albanian government's request for assistance was immediate.

The request was made through the European Civil Protection Mechanism for help due to the strong earthquake.

Forty rescuers and a dog travel to Albania
As it became known from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, two EMAK teams with equipment from Athens and Ioannina are leaving at this time to assist the Albanian Authorities in rescue work.

In particular, twenty-five members of the 1st EMAK with a trained dog departed from Athens with a C130 military aircraft, while another 15 members of the 5th EMAK have departed from Ioannina with vehicles and special equipment.

At the same time, Greece has stated that it is at the disposal of the Albanian Authorities for the dispatch of scientific staff or any other assistance it may require. The Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, will also travel to Albania in the afternoon.