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Cabinet meeting: What's on the agenda

Featured Cabinet meeting: What's on the agenda

At 11:00 am the meeting of the cabinet began at the Maximus Mansion. 

Today's agenda includes the next bills that will come to the House, such as the legislation on the issue of mass rallies, as well as the birth allowance, which will support  families with 2,000 euros for each new birth. Also on the agenda is the issue of licensing hydroplane waterways by the Ministry of Transport.

The following issues will be discussed at today's meeting:
The planning of the legislative work of the government. Specifically, the bills for the grant of the birth allowance (Ministry of Labor), the exercise of the right of assembly (Ministry of Citizen Protection), the acceleration of water permits (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) and for agricultural cooperatives (Ministry of Rural Development and Food).

Presentation of the Good Law Handbook: Legislative Methodology and Regulatory Impact Analysis (Minister of State).

Presentation and approval of the National Reform Plan for 2020 (Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for coordinating government work).

The progress of the NSRF implementation and the acceleration actions (Ministry of Development).

The establishment of an Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Fair Development Transition of the Region of Western Macedonia and the Municipality of Megalopolis in the Post-Coal Period (Ministry of the Environment).