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Shocking: Sixty people dead from traffic accidents in Crete

Featured Shocking: Sixty people dead from traffic accidents in Crete

Sixty people lost their lives in Crete in traffic accidents in 2019. 

According to data from cretapost.gr since the beginning of the year Crete counts sixty deaths in 53 traffic accidents, with the most recorded in January 2019. Specifically in the first month of the year seven fatalities were recorded and in February six accidents with nine deaths .

Traffic accidents in… numbers
A total of 53 are the fatal traffic accidents that have taken place since January to present day that have claimed 60 lives. Of the 60 people, 51 died on the asphalt while 9 left their last breath in Crete's hospitals a few hours or even days after the accidents.

Gender: Of the 60 dead, 46 were male and 11 were female. 

Ages: Of the 60 dead, 18 were young people from 19 to 30, 15 were from 31 to 40, 15 were also from 41 to 60, and 12 were elderly.

Location: 23 traffic jams occurred on the roads of Heraklion prefecture, 19 in the prefecture of Chania, 7 in the prefecture of Lasithi and 4 in the prefecture of Rethymnon.

Vehicle: Of the 53 accidents, 22 involved cars, 20 motorcycles, 6 were pedestrians, three were struck by a tractor, two were involved in a bicycle and a tricycle.

Type: Of the 53 traffic accidents, 27 were from a loss of control or overturn, 20 from a collision and six from being hit while walking.