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Orthodox Christianity must be defended, says popular Greek actor

Featured Orthodox Christianity must be defended, says popular Greek actor

A Greek actor who stars in one of the most popular TV series on Ant-1 TV called “Agries Melisses-Wild Bees” revealed his deep-rooted Christian faith during an interview on the morning talk show “Proino tou Ant-1”.

Kostas Savvidakis, who plays Papa-Grigoris, a priest in the series, said he was irritated by the fact that in modern-day Greece people were embarrassed to confess they were Orthodox Christians, revealing that he burned incense in his house every day.

“I was baptised by a priest, his wife, his and his son. From a young age, I attended Sunday school and catechism. I am a religious person, I burn incense myself almost every day at home, I bless it. I am not ashamed to say it, because unfortunately, many of us have reached the point of being ashamed to say that we are Christian Orthodox. I respect every religion and I want others to respect my religion as well. I think they are trying to lead us away from our traditions and customs, our religion, especially us Greeks! ”

And he added: “I can’t allow anyone to enter into a monastery to burn icons, break crosses. I’m gonna knock them out. Just as a Muslim will cut off my head if I harm their religion and I respect it, we must also act in the same way. Not to slaughter them, but hold on a second. It’s my faith, my religion.”