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16% of all Greek businesses related to tourism sector

Featured 16% of all Greek businesses related to tourism sector

Out of the total 265,212 businesses operating in Greece, those directly or indirectly related to tourism amount to 42,193, or 15.9% of all businesses, according to the special annual issue of the Hellenic Labour Inspectorate (SEPE), Greek Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the seventh consecutive year.

The data showed that 2.59% of all Greek businesses are involved in the sector of accommodation, which amounts to 6,863 enterprises, while according to the issue, 12.61% of Greek businesses are active in the catering sector (33,454 companies in total), making it the second-largest industry in the country after retail.

In addition, 0,75% of businesses operate as either travel agencies or booking services, with a total of 1,876 companies.

As far as employees per sector, 11% or 225,089 work in the catering sector, 2.94% or 60,244 in accommodation and 0.6% or 12,314 in the travel and related services sector.

That is, 297,647 employees are employed in sectors directly or indirectly related to tourism.