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Rouvikonas vandalizes Australian ambassador's home

Featured Rouvikonas vandalizes Australian ambassador's home

Slogans on the walls of the Australian ambassador's house were written by members of the anarchist collective Rouvikonas, reacting to the fires that hit the country.

At the same time, the anarchist collective threw leaflets, shouted slogans, and posted a text on a well-known anarchist website, stressing that "if we do not defend our country, no one will do it".

 The text posted by Rouvikonas:

"At a time when the planet already has a negative sustainability balance, an unprecedented fire destroys everything living over 40 million square meters. land in Australia. Once again the sun in Oceania has darkened. Despite any recent public outcry of the government over oligarchy or indifference and a lack of legislative policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Morrison is standing firm in his post while the island is constantly burning, not only the biodiversity of the region, but also its economy, ” Rouvikonas says, adding:

"It is estimated that one billion animals have been killed or injured in the state of New South Wales alone, whole species may have become completely extinct and others declared extinct. 26 people have died and thousands have fled their homes as fire has devastated entire residential areas along with farms and livestock. There are areas without electricity and access to potable water, while temperatures and atmospheric levels of particulate matter have broken any previous record."

In their text, members of Rouvikonas conclude that "it is common sense that these events are not accidental and it does not surprise us that they are happening in Australia. In a developed capitalist and imperialist state that exemplifies the rest of the West in its domestic and foreign policy ”.