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Police force entrance into recaptured squats in Koukaki

Featured Police force entrance into recaptured squats in Koukaki

Within two and a half hours the operation of Greek police (ELAS) forces was completed in Koukaki, in the buildings on Matrouzou and Panetolou Streets that had been recaptured by squatters.

The whole operation lasted from 19:00 on Saturday until 21:30, according to ELAS, with the the anarchists/squatters that recaptured the two buildings early in the afternoon. As soon as the recaptures became known, powerful police forces (riot police and special forces) were dispatched to the area, awaiting prosecutors to get the "green light" and proceed with the evacuation of the buildings. When that happened, the operation started. But not at the same time in both buildings, as operations first took place at 45 Matrouzou Street and then a new operation evacuated the occupation at 21 Panetoliou Street.

Anarchists smashed concrete blocks in windows of the building at Matrouzou Street to enter.
In total, ELAS arrested 13 people from the two recaptures, while another 9 people were taken into custody in the area along with those who eventually entered the buildings. In particular, police proceeded to eight arrests, five women and three men, during the operation - which was the second in a row - to evacuate the building on Panetoliou Street, in Koukaki, which had been reclaimed. The police operation was completed at 9:30 pm, with the presence of a prosecutor, as was the case earlier, at Matrouzou Street, again in Koukaki.

Three men (one minor) and two women were arrested in the evacuation of the Matrouzou Street building in Koukaki, which ended at 8:30 pm. At the same time, the police proceeded to nine other arrests outside the building.

All of those arrested were taken to State Security. According to a police report, 6 police officers were injured during the operations in the two buildings evacuated.

Occupiers of the building on Matrouzou Street during ELAS's operation threw concrete blocks, paint and even furniture against the police, who were protected by their shields. In fact, EKAM men during the operation used special lasers to "blind" young people so they could not throw objects. They eventually entered the building after nearly an hour of trying, and after using a an angle grinder to get in.

As for the conditions under which the unauthorized people seized the buildings: on Matrouzou Street they climbed to the first floor, smashed two "windows" blocked with cement blocks and entered, while Panetoliou Street they probably used a ladder.