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Turkish media on Haftar's Athens visit

Featured Turkish media on Haftar's Athens visit

Turkish media is focusing on Khalifa Haftar's surprise visit to Athens.

Some of these refer to the visit of the "illegal" Libyan leader, while others say that Haftar's arrival in Greece, just days before the Berlin Conference, is likely to provoke a crisis in Greek-Turkish relations.

In particular, Sabah newspaper reports that "the leader of the illegal forces in Libya came to Athens. He has traveled to Athens by private jet and is aiming to meet with Greek officials such as Foreign Minister Dendias and Prime Minister Mitsotakis. "

Anadolu agency notes that "the leader of the illegal Libyan forces has arrived in Athens".

Habeler writes that Haftar came to Athens secretly and underlined that "the information transmitted by the Greek media will cause a crisis".

"Leader of militia forces in Libya Haftar came to Athens to meet Foreign Minister Dendi," NTV reports.

It is noted that the Turkish press has been focusing in recent days on developments in Libya and mainly on the fact that Greece was not invited to the Berlin Conference.