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Man rapes 53 year old woman and beats her elderly mother in Nea Manolada

Featured Man rapes 53 year old woman and beats her elderly mother in Nea Manolada

Τthe news that a man raped a 53-year-old after having previously beaten her mother has shocked inhabitants of New Manolada. 

According to Patris News, on Sunday afternoon a man stormed into the home of two women near the center of the village in Nea Manolada. After hitting the 76-year-old, the perpetrator took her to the bathroom of the house and tied her up.

Immediately afterwards he asked for money from her 53-year-old daughter, who had only 40 euros on her and no other money at home. Then, the perpetrator asked her to go to her neighbors to collect money. She then went to neighboring houses asking for money. As reported by patrisnews, someone gave her 100 euros and she gave it to the perpetrator. The neighbors saw the woman upset, but she did not reveal what was going on. When the police officers later asked her why she didn't say anything, she replied that the perpetrator had warned her that "he had placed a bomb on her mother and if she spoke he would blow her up ...".

According to the 53-year-old's deposition, when she returned home, the perpetrator raped her. The two women, who live in Nea Manolada, were taken to Patras Hospital for examination. Due to the seriousness of the complaint, the case was handled by the men of Ilida Security, and from the first moment the Western Greece Regional Director General Brigadier General A. Martzaklis was informed.

The mobilization of the Ilida Security Department and the local police station was immediate. Following a coordinated operation, authorities arrested the alleged perpetrator (Albanian national) in Pyrgos who was ready to depart for Kalamata by bus. Authorities are investigating his involvement in other criminal activities.