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Proto Thema: Greek-Turkish couple: Living in the quarantined Chinese city of Taizhou (vid)

Featured Proto Thema: Greek-Turkish couple: Living in the quarantined Chinese city of Taizhou (vid)

Greek Professor Christos Potamianos and his Turkish wife Nilay Catal Potamianos describe their daily lives in the quarantined city of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, second in outbreaks of the deadly coronavirus in China after Wuhan, speaking to Proto Thema, which posted a video of their video call.

They may live in a city of six million people, but these days in Taizhou it is impossible to even come across a single Chinese person on the streets. Christos Potamianos, and his wife record footage of a city that looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie.

The eerie atmosphere comes across, as Nilay, who puts on her double mask and swimming goggles to go to the market, walks out onto the streets of the ghost town.

A little before she opens the apartment door to leave for the market, her husband reminds her to avoid touching anything unnecessarily.

Christos tells the camera that he is overcome by slight panic attacks every time he coughs, while he explains how the couple tries to pass their time confined between four walls for hours upon hours a day. There is a regular check of their temperature, as he says.

The daily routine in the house involves among other things exercising, playing the guitar and cooking.

The Greek professor has started delivering online courses, hoping that he will soon be able to return to his school. He has already seen a 40% reduction in his last payroll, and, as he told protothema.gr, he was actually more fortunate than his colleagues, who were not paid at all for the days off from their duties.