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Chaidari: The biggest natural heart illuminated last night

Featured Chaidari: The biggest natural heart illuminated last night

A heart of 8,250 square meters of stone, which is visible from almost all of the Attica basin, has been formed by work on an old quarry in Chaidari.

Urban legend has it that a carpenter, Alexandros, is the one who carved it in Chaidari. Supposedly Alexandros fell in love and for the sake of his love carve a heart on the rock, at Kaskadami (above the boot camp) and att 7pm, on the occasion of the Day of Love, the municipality of Haidari lit it up.

At the same time, on the opposite Hill of the Prophet, a musical event was held with the participation of actor Markos Seferlis. The proceeds of the evening were spent to support the Chaidari Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

xaidari kokkini kardia

The event was accompanied by Dimitra Stathopoulou and Andreas Lafis, the piano was played by Constantinos Pagiatis, while the band "Marianna and the Dizzy Breezes" made the audience dance with Latin and swing sounds!