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Cephalonia deputy mayor has time to contemplate promotion

Well, it's not a move to be easily disdained, and it could actually offset some of the advertising damage, usually done by major natural disasters, but luring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz to Cephalonia could actually work, if it works.


This was the deputy mayor's idea, that is to invite Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz to return to the island, after their participation in that Hollywood gem “Captain Corelli's Mandolin,”in which the Italian occupiers are slaughtered by their erstwhile Nazis allies for turning coat. I mean, if that isn't a good tourism advertising gimmick, what is?

Two major quakes have jolted the island that was leveled in the fifties. This time Cephalonias disaster comes in light of upcoming elections, leading all sorts of officials to the island to offer support.

All the while, armed forces personnel (don't get paid for overtime and feel grateful for doing their jobs) and a whole host of engineers and scientists, are actually working, along with healthcare personnel, doctors, aided by nameless municipal and regional workers, round the clock, to make life livable for a few thousand Greeks, now.

Speaking on ANT-1 TV on Monday, Cephalonia deputy mayor, Evangelos Kekatos related his idea, which made him sent invitations to two major Hollywood actors to visit the island and support the assistance effort.