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ACS Athens: Education Meets Innovation as Students Showcase Their Ideas

Featured ACS Athens: Education Meets Innovation as Students Showcase Their Ideas

On February 18-19, 2020, American Community Schools- ACS Athenshosted the 3rd Annual Innovation Summit in the Learning Commons, managed by the school’s Incubator of Student's Creative Ideas (ISCI).

Co-hosted by the American Farm School of Thessalonikiand the Hisar School (Istanbul), this year’s Innovation Summit brought together more than 26 student presenters from all 3 schools, attracting more than 500 student participants to this is one of a kind, peer to peer celebration of student collaboration, learning, research and construction of knowledge.

For 2 days, the Innovation Summit featured a wide range of workshops including the areas of Mathematics, Technology (Fusion 360, Scratch and Makey Makey, Python with Micro:Bit), Health, Athletics, Optics, Energy, Recycling, Plastic Management, Sustainable Education and Entrepreneurship.

Students shared their intellectual passions by presenting their well-researched projects such as hydrogen cars, LED lightsabers, 3D and laser printed objects/labels. Piezoelectric drums and bio tanks used to generate energy were visible and the green city model displayed solar, electrical, wind, hydrogen, and oxygen energy used in everyday life.

According to Ms. MaryAnn Augoustatos, Director of Learning Commons at ACS Athens, the success of the Innovation Summit serves a greater purpose: “The innovation summit provides students with the highest level of student leadership that can exist in an educational institution. Students decide what topics will be taught for two school days. As educators, our responsibility is to channel students’ interests/passions/curiosities and research, to create positive changes, as responsible global citizens. The two days of the summit served this purpose. What an incredible celebration of learning!”

Finally, the President of ACS Athens Dr. Peggy Pelonis in her message remarked: “ Watching the students present with such enthusiasm and providing the platform for such projects to come to fruition was at the very least impressive. Hats off to each of the students (all three schools) and congratulations to you and your team for organizing such a meaningful event.”