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Tsipras urges government to take additional measures against coronavirus

Syriza on Tuesday proposed a set of additional preventive measures the government should pursue against the coronavirus, following the party leader Alexis Tsipras' briefing by Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias and specialists.

The main opposition party's proposals include the hiring of more staff at the National Health System, additional intensive care units, support measures for workers and businesses, and the protection of primary residences. 
Tsipras said that "the new coronavirus will not only test the durability of the public health system," but "will mainly test the cohesion of our society."

He proposed the immediate creation of an inter-party committee that will approve the hiring of 4,000 permanent doctors and nurses. 

"At least 1,000 healthcare professionals must support ICUs and Emergency Departments in coming days," he said and noted that "all contracts for any level of NHS staff expiring in coming months should be renewed."