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Reuters - Coronavirus: Greece's reaction faster than other European countries

Featured Reuters - Coronavirus: Greece's reaction faster than other European countries

A ban on circulation with few exceptions to limit the virus was decided by Greece to stop the spread of coronavirus, Reuters writes.

The agency's reporter from Athens reports that on Sunday the total number of coronavirus infections rose to 624, with 15 of them dying, while yesterday's number of confirmed cases (94) was the highest in a single day. Only those moving to and from work, those who go out to buy food and those who have a medical reason can leave their homes from Monday. Specifically for employees it is foreseen that a form is filled out that will include mandatory residence and work addresses as well as working hours, with offenders at risk of a fine of EUR 150 in the event of a police check.

Greek Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis, citing the example of Italy, which on Saturday announced another 800 deaths from the virus, said in a televised address that "it is perhaps the last step and must be taken immediately to work. We must protect our common good and our health. We must not get to the point of choosing who will live and who will die. Staying home is a collective task. "

The report positively assesses Greece's rapid response, compared to other European Governments, with the gradual closure of all public venues since 10 March. The Greeks generally obeyed the government directive and remained home, but the behavior of a few irresponsible individuals who ignored the warnings and fled to their islands or their countryside homes forced the government to take this measure to limit the spread of the virus.