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Banks limit personal transactions during coronavirus pandemic

Featured Banks limit personal transactions during coronavirus pandemic

Bank withdrawals up to 400 euros in cash on a daily basis must be done through an ATM machine and not through a teller, the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) said, introducing measures to discourage in-person transactions at banks as of Tuesday (March 24), during the coronavirus pandemic.

Likewise, deposits to personal accounts of up to 1,000 euros will be handled by ATMs.

Among other temporary regulations, tellers will not acccept payment of utilities or to third parties. These must be carried out online, through ATMs with the specific functions, or through the APS machines in the bank branches. 

"There is absolutely no limit to the free withdrawals of cash, and customers will be able to withdraw any amounts they wish from their bank accounts," otherwise, the Association said.

The measures introduced today are meant to reduce contact at bank branches and the handling of hard cash.