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A small victory: Two Greek patients leave the ICU

Featured A small victory: Two Greek patients leave the ICU

Good news, a small victory for doctors fighting coronavirus in Greece, after two patients hospitalized in the ICU with Covid-19 have been taken out of the units for the first time in the country.

These are two patients with coronavirus hospitalized at the Sotiria ICU. Their condition had worsened the previous days and they had to be intubated. But the development was positive, their condition improved, and the doctors of Sotiria thought they could take them off life support. And indeed, they did so successfully. This development is a victory for the doctors and the rest of the ICU staff who have recently been fighting their own battle against a largely unknown enemy.

In fact, according to the same information, two more coronavirus patients, who are also hospitalized in Sotiria Hospital, are preparing to leave the ICU.

ICUs include patients with coronavirus whose health status is deteriorating, and those who need further support due to the serious complications of coronavirus are intubated.