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Church of Greece announces Easter services behind closed doors

Featured Church of Greece announces Easter services behind closed doors

The Church of Greece will hold liturgies during Easter Week behind closed doors, it said on Wednesday, and called on the public to observe coronavirus restrictions, staying home and praying more, in order to protect their fellow beings.

The Holy Synod, which met under the leadership of Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece online through the e:Presence.gov.gr state platform, welcomed a proposal by Education and Religions Minister Niki Kerameus on March 30 that the liturgies at churches and monasteries could be carried out during Easter behind closed doors.

"All must obey to the letter the directions of health authorities and special scientists, and not be carried away by those promoting disobedience, which under the present circumstances is inexcusable, even in the name of the Christian faith," the Holy Synod said in its announcement.

Calling the decision part of "unprecedented circumstances" of staying away from churches and from communion, it advised, instead, the faithful to pray more, turn themselves into altars and "sacrifice your presence in the holy church and your attendance of holy communion on behalf of all your brothers and sisters, who are God's living altars."