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SYRIZA leader Tsipras voices concern over reopening of schools for all grades

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras is concerned about the reopening of all school grades by rolling back coronavirus-related restrictions, party sources said, and called for the opening only of those who need to take final examinations in secondary or tertiary education.

According to sources, Tsipras said that "schools should not be confused with the gradual opening of economic activity," especially since most European countries have not proceeded to reopen them.
In an earlier statement, the main opposition party had called the reopening - being considered by the Health and Education Ministries - "an unnecessary risk".

"The decision to stop the operation of schools was undoubtedly necessary, and contributed decisively to the successful health management of the pandemic in Greece to date," Syriza said, referring to the global outbreak of Covid-19. "But now we are at a different crossroads," it added.

"Everyone agrees to hold entrance examinations for universities the latest by mid-July, which means that students in the last year of high school should return to classrooms. The same holds true for final-year examinations at universities," it noted.

"However, there are serious objections by doctors, teachers and parents as to the reopening of other classrooms and grades," it said, adding that "the reopening of schools for less than a month before summer holidays is an unnecessary risk that must not be assumed."