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Filippidis given to Monday to prepare case

Angelos Filippidis, flew to Athens at 9 am this moring and was taken to the Police Headquartes (GADA), after being arrested. Filipiddis was given until Monday to prepare his deposition.

"I came voluntarily as promised" said Angelos Filippidis, who was taken to the Police Headquarters this morning. Filippidis asked for time to prepare his case and was given until Monday, 10 February.

After negotiations between Turkish authorities and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the former head of Hellenic Postbank, Angelos Filippidis, returned to Athens at 9 am this morning with flight TK 1845 (Turkish Airlines) and was taken to the Police Headquarters (GADA) , after being immediately arrested. 

He is expected to be taken to the Prosecutor later today, in order to testify. Filippidis is wanted in Greece on charges of fraud and money laundering over millions of euros in allegedly unsecured loans issued by Hellenic Postbank when he was in charge.

Greek authorities sent an urgent request to Turkish authorities yesterday to re-detain Filippidis.

A Turkish court released Angelos Filippidis,on Monday. The move prompted Greek prosecutors to appeal to Ankara to take Filippidis back into custody.
Filippidis was released without bail, after the Turkish court ruled his arrest and extradition to Greece as illegal. Applying the law of the country, the Turkish court not only let him free but also did not impose any restraining orders.

The Court of Appeals in Athens and the extradition office call upon the second request for his extradition to Greece on account of the bad loans given to shipowner Panagiotis Efthymiou.  The Turkish court rejected the first of two Greek requests for the extradition of Filippidis, who was arrested in Istanbul on January 10.