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Anarchist's death was homicide after domestic violence against his partner

Featured Anarchist's death was  homicide after domestic violence against his partner

"He went to grab my knife, he lost his balance and fell on it." The 39-year-old companion of the 39-year-old well-known member of the anarchist collective Rubicon, who is accused of murder, told the police of the Department for the Prosecution of Crimes against Life

"I treated his injury but in the afternoon he was spitting blood. I called an ambulance and took him to Evangelismos ", he claimed.

The chronicle of the case with the dead member of Rubicon

The incident took place in the early hours of May Day, at the house where the couple lived in Kaisariani. Shortly after 02:00, one of the woman's relatives spoke of an incident of domestic violence, stating that the 39-year-old anti-authoritarian had attacked his partner, even stabbing her in the right thigh. The 39-year-old, according to information, claimed to the police that after her injury, she sprayed pepper spray on her partner's face and pulled out his knife.

Allegedly, he got up and, trying to get the knife back, lost his balance and fell on it. He was later treated for his injuries, but in the afternoon of the same day, the 39-year-old was not feeling well, his stomach was aching and he was bleeding. His partner called an ambulance, he was taken to Evangelismos hospital where he expired a few hours later, due to chest-abdominal injuries caused by a cutting instrument, ie the knife.

Police investigations at the house in Kaisariani

Police in a search of his home in Kaisariani found bloodstains in the bathroom, the living room and a towel. Also, among other things, were found and confiscated:

10 knives,
pepper spray
spray of unknown chemical
amount of cannabis.

It is noted that the 39-year-old member of Rubicon had previously been accused of disobedience, illegal violence, distinguished cases of wear and tear, traffic safety, drugs. The detainee was taken to the Athens Public Prosecutor, who referred her for questioning.