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ABC news: Unlikely underdog Greece is beating the coronavirus

Featured ABC news: Unlikely underdog Greece is beating the coronavirus

ABC News reports that against opposing odds, Greece is beating the coronavirus, but warns that like all ancient heroes the test is not over yet.

For weeks, only the cats have been able to enjoy watching the sunset from the Parthenon.

They didn’t look very pleased to have to share the honor tonight. Greece’s culture minister, Lina Mendoni, had just taken me on a private tour, the day before it reopens.

“They will have to learn to share it again,” she said with a smile as music from street performers on the avenue below floated up to join us. A tour from an archaeologist like Mendoni was certainly a treat for a myth buff like me. I found it hard to control my excitement.

“You can see over there,” she said, pointing to a temple below. “This is the temple to Hephaestus …”

“The God who forged Zeus’ thunderbolts!” I interjected, like an over-excited (possibly slightly annoying) school child.

“Yes,” she replied, slightly bemused.

That symbols of Greece’s ancient past are able to welcome visitors again is testament so far to what could be described as the modern miracle of this country’s coronavirus experience. A nation of around 11 million people has seen just 163 deaths and 2,800 cases. Officials say not a single health professional died. After the humiliation of the financial crisis and the economic and civil turmoil this country went through, this is a proud moment for Greeks.