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UK PM's father defies travel ban and travels to Greece via Bulgaria

Featured UK PM's father defies travel ban and travels to Greece via Bulgaria

British PM's Boris Johnson's father, Stanley, flew to his favorite destination, Pelion, yesterday - via Bulgaria - ignoring travel instructions amid a government pandemic.

Stanley Johnson disobeyed instructions from the UK Foreign Ministry that British subjects should not travel abroad unless absolutely necessary. The 79-year-old arrived in Athens last night to go to Pelion where he has a home - which has been visited several times by his son, the British Prime Minister. In fact, Stanley Johnson was proud of his trip with posts on Instagram, which show his plane flying over Athens.

"They take the corona very seriously here in Greece"

Boris Johnson's father flew through the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, because the Greek government has banned direct flights from the United Kingdom until mid-July. It should be noted that there is no ban on entering Greece for British and Swedish citizens, but a ban on direct flights from Britain and Sweden until 7/15.

Speaking from the balcony of his home in Pelion last night, Stanley Johnson said: "I'm in Pelion for work, trying to make my home covid-free in view of the upcoming tourist season. I have to take the necessary measures for accommodation, because they take the coronavirus very seriously here. The Greeks are trying to stop the mass arrivals from the United Kingdom, but they were very happy to see me coming. Everyone wanted to know where I came from and what I did. Then they measured my temperature. We need to implement these flyovers as soon as possible. From what I have seen, the arrival of the British will not be a danger to the Greeks, because they are very careful here. "

As for his residence in Pelion, his villa has a swimming pool and terraces overlooking the mountains and the sea. The beach is just a five-minute walk from an olive grove.

Stanley Johnson's cottage in Pelion

Johnson named the house "Villa Irene - a small place in the sun", and in fact, as he says, this house has been transformed into much more than he could have imagined, with his children and grandchildren filling it with happy voices. The family rents the house through the travel agency realholidays.co.uk by private agreement, but it is rather difficult to find it free since the family uses it beyond their summer vacation.