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Governing ND surges ahead of SYRIZA in new poll

Featured Governing ND surges ahead of SYRIZA in new poll

With 41.5% -above the percentage of national elections- and a difference of 21.2 points, ND is ahead of SYRIZA in a Marc poll for Alpha television.

In the intention to vote, according to the poll, ND gathers 41.5%, while SYRIZA 20.4%. It should be noted that this percentage is higher than what ND had won in the national elections of 2019 (s.s .: had been elected independently with 39.85%). From the numbers, it appears that the ruling party is "stealing" voters of SYRIZA as well.

Poll: The percentages of the parties in the intention to vote
SW: 41.6%
SYRIZA: 20.4%
KINAL: 5.7%
KKE: 5%
Greek Solution: 3.4
DAY25: 1.9%
Golden Dawn: 1%
Respondents, according to the poll findings, give a vote of confidence in the government. Six out of 10 believe that he handled the coronavirus pandemic correctly.

Poll: What is the attitude towards compliance with the measures

When asked if they still adhere to the pandemic protection measures, 47.1% answered "yes, as before", 41.6% "yes, but less than before" and 10.9% "no more" . At the same time, 57.3% say that they do not do anything when they find a violation of the security measures for the coronavirus, while 34.5% complain to the person in charge. Only 2.4% of respondents choose the path of formal complaint.

Poll: Will they take a vacation this year?
Respondents to the poll also answered whether they will take a vacation this year. 51.4% said no, while those who go will choose to be in the cottage or in the village or in a rented room.

Regarding Greek-Turkish issues, 74.7% say they are very and quite worried about the deterioration of the situation with the neighboring country and 24.2% are worried little or not at all.

Regarding their financial situation, the majority of respondents answered that they are worried. 64.7% consider it very or quite possible to suffer a reduction in earnings due to the coronavirus. A similar percentage (61.1%) is concerned about the deterioration of working conditions. However, about eight out of ten (79.4%) do not consider it possible for the company or organization they work for to close due to the pandemic.