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A proposal for a limit of 50 guests at weddings and baptisms is being considered

Featured A proposal for a limit of 50 guests at weddings and baptisms is being considered

The measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, in gatherings such as weddings and baptisms, may become even stricter, as revealed by infectious disease specialist Nikos Sypsas.

Speaking to SKAI's main news bulletin, Mr. Sypsas was asked about the new worrying increase in cases and was asked to comment on the dangerous outbreaks of the coronavirus, which, as it seems, are hospitals, weddings and camps.

The infectious disease specialist Mr. Sypsas left, among other things, open the possibility of further reducing the number of guests at weddings from the current limit of 100, to 50 or even less. In addition, he suggested "to the newlyweds topostpone the party until the baptism", noting that the committee of scientists for the coronavirus expresses strong concern after the cases at the weddings in Alexandroupolis and Thessaloniki.

It is noted that the General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection issued legal instructions for those citizens who were forced to change dates, cancel or reduce the number of guests at weddings or baptisms.

No liturgies should be held on the 15th of August
Nikos Sypsas then argued that there should be no liturgies on August 15 this year and expressed the belief that the church will do its duty and will not allow liturgies and crowds.

"I believe that common sense and prudence will eventually prevail. I believe that we can perform our religious duties perfectly without crowding and a year without a procession can happen", noted Mr. Sypsas.

The professor explained that the existence of a second wave of coronavirus pandemic will be signaled by the increased admissions to the Intensive Care Units, the increase of intubation and the increase of deaths. "It simply came to our notice then. We have only a large burden of the epidemic, it mainly concerns young people ", he stressed and added that unfortunately we are entering a difficult period, with the movement of population from urban centers to tourist destinations.

That is why, he said, a great communication effort was made to regain the trust of the citizens and to convince them that they must do the right thing, as in March, "in order to avoid the worst in August."