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Greece signs historic agreement with Egypt on EEZ

Featured Greece signs historic agreement with Egypt on EEZ

The historic agreement signed yesterday in Cairo on the EEZ between Greece and Egypt, was the culmination of years of talks and intense consultations between the two sides recently.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, left yesterday for Egypt in a hurry in order tosign a historic agreement.

According to diplomatic sources, "this agreement is part of a broader strategy of settling bilateral issues, building alliances with third parties in a way that promotes national interests, based on respect for international law. It is a balanced agreement. It is fully in line with the Law of the Sea, as it has been applied in practice and case law. Our firm position that the islands have sovereign rights of continental shelf and EEZ is solemnly confirmed. The influence of our islands in sea zones is secured ".

In the negotiations for the agreement, the main criteria were the provisions of the Law of the Sea and especially the right of the islands to EEZs.

With this agreement, the Greek side wanted to send a message to Ankara, emphasizing that it does not make illegal agreements, such as the one of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, which in fact the agreement in Cairo comes to void.

Following the corresponding agreement with Italy, the government also found them with Cairo, where government officials stressed that this would be the most difficult agreement. An agreement that Mr. Dendias stressed is an "exemplary agreement" and "important" for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Mitsotakis: Legality has returned to the area
For his part, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking from Halki, spoke of a "return of legality" in the region.

"My visit to the remote Halki, in the Dodecanese, takes place on a very important day for our country, international legitimacy and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean. My friend Egypt and I signed our Maritime Zone Delimitation agreement. It took 15 years of negotiations to reach an agreement in accordance with International Law, which recognizes all the rights of our islands in their Maritime Zones. An agreement that is completely legal, which fully satisfies both countries. An agreement that creates a new reality in the Eastern Mediterranean and restores legitimacy in the region. "Legality that was attempted to be disrupted by the illegal and non-existent Turkish-Libyan memorandum", said the Prime Minister and added, sending a message to Turkey:

"With Egypt, as a few months ago with Italy, we have shown that adherence to international law is the only way to security, peace, stability and good neighborly relations. We will walk this path with all our neighbors. We hope and expect that they will do the same. "

Turkey's reaction
As expected, Ankara reacted shortly afterwards, with its first move being the launch of a new NAVTEX. The service announced that it will proceed with exercises using real fire in a sea area between Rhodes and Kastellorizo ​​on the two days of August 10 and 11. At the same time, Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Tsavousoglu spoke of an "invalid" agreement that "violates the continental shelf" of Turkey.

State Department: In favor of a peaceful resolution of disputes
The US and the State Department supported the agreement between Greece and Egypt on the delimitation of the EEZ at the maritime border. Asked when briefed by the State Department, the spokesman said the United States "encourages all states to resolve their disputes peacefully over maritime jurisdiction."