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The map of the naval exercises of Greece-France

Featured The map of the naval exercises of Greece-France

Greek and French warships, fighters and helicopters swept the sea area from Cyprus to the eastern tip of Crete, part of which includes the illegal Turkish NAVTEX.

As can be seen in the map of exercises οφ the joint naval exercise, Greece and France sent a very loud message against the Turkish provocation in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The French president had announced the temporary reinforcement of the French military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean in the coming days, in cooperation with European partners, including Greece.


The map of the Greek-French naval exercises

Today, 13 August, in the framework of the ongoing military cooperation between Greece and France, a joint naval exercise was held with the participation of the means and personnel of the two countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region, including the region that Turkey has blocked with NAVTEX. .

Greek and French warships

The exercise was attended by the frigates (F / G) "SPETSAI", "AEGEAN", "LIMNOS", "KOUNDOURIOTIS" and a French team of ships (Task Force) consisting of the French helicopter carrier FS "TONNERRE" and the frigate FTE .

The exercise included progressive maneuvers, joint operational planning items, tactical image exchange, communications, and aircraft cooperation, and helped to raise the level of operational readiness, combat capability, and cooperation of participants in an allied context.

Τwo French Rafale aircraft on Crete

As part of the two countries' military co-operation, two French Rafale fighter jets landed and used the 115th Fighter Wing facility in Souda for redeployment.