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World famous bars on Mykonos shut down after staff covid cases

Featured World famous bars on Mykonos shut down after staff covid cases

The detection of coronavirus cases in Mykonos also brought the temporary "lock-up" to the well-known bar-restaurant "Nammos" in Mykonos.

Yesterday, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, making a surprise check, decided to temporarily close Nammos, but also "Skorpios", after the coronavirus cases that were detected.

A few days ago, members of the Civil Protection and the National Transparency Authority visited the two bar-restaurants in Mykonos and tested all employees with molecular control.

Of the 70 checks carried out on Nammos staff, 11 positive cases were found, as well as another 2 from "Skorpios", resulting in the decision to temporarily close the two well-known bars. The decision was posted last night in Diavgeia, with the closing valid until Friday, from 10 pm to 7 am, both in Nammos and in "Skorpios".

The announcement in Diavgeia

"Decision to suspend the operation of the companies offering alcoholic beverages and mass catering (bar-restaurant) on the island of Mykonos with the names "Nammos" on Psarou beach and "Scorpios" in the area of ​​Paraga for forty-eight hours, ie from 01.09.2020 and from 20.00 to on 03.09.2020 at 20.00, for urgent reasons of dealing with a serious risk to public health and in particular to limit the spread and effects of COVID-19 disease. "

Disinfection and tracking of contacts

In Nammos, last night a crew entered and disinfected all the facilities of the company, but also the beach area, something that happened in the other restaurant, while the process of tracking the contacts of people who tested positive for the coronavirus has begun. After the closure, the two restaurants are cooperating with EODY in order to be able to open again safely after the end of the temporary lock-up.

Mykonos has been in the sights of the National Transparency Authority since the beginning of the summer, as the fines for violations of the protocol against the coronavirus by stores have multiplied.