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Moria - Refugees and immigrants are sleeping on the street

Featured Moria - Refugees and immigrants are sleeping on the street

Sad images are coming from Moria, with thousands of refugees and migrants being forced to spend the night on the streets, and even in cemeteries, after the big fire that almost completely engulfed the accommodation structure.

Men, women and young children slept on the asphalt, with conditions becoming even more tragic due to the pandemic. Both the measure of the mask and that of the distances were almost impossible to observe.

It is recalled that yesterday the Governor of the North Aegean, Costas Moutzouris stressed that the number of people living in the KYT who are positive for the coronavirus is unknown, resulting in huge concern about the spread of the virus in the community.

Refugees and migrants on the street after the fire in Moria

It is recalled that during the night new fire fronts broke out in parts of the camp of the Moria KYT that had not been burned, while incidents occurred when a group of people attacked police with rocks.