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Attica is one step before a new lockdown

Featured Attica is one step before a new lockdown

Infectious disease specialist Nikos Sypsas spoke to SKAI TV about the possibility of a new lockdown in Attica and how it will be done. As he stressed, we are one step ahead of the traffic ban.

"The real dimension is that on the alarm scale we are in orange. This means a traffic ban. The situation can be diverted at any time. " However, he noted that "there is no need to panic, you need to be properly informed". Regarding the cases of the last 24 hours, the infectious disease specialist said that he is not worried because out of 453, 184 are among the immigrants in camps.

"We have to act precautionarily and proactively," he said, adding that they would do whatever it took to limit the spread of the virus and maybe even a lockdown. He then explained how they plan the lockdown. "We will do periodic lockdowns, it will be done for 2 weeks until the epidemic curve falls, then if it is needed again it will be done again for another two weeks." Schools will also close. He stressed, however, that we can lean towards the red at any time.

The problem at the moment, as Mr. Sypsas said, is in the center of Athens because tracking is difficult, as there is a large influx of immigrants. "The most effective weapon we have is a curfew. We hope that during the 10 days, by the end of September we will see the effect of the measures.If necessary, we will take measures sooner," he said. Also, along with the traffic ban, sending SMS to the number 13033 for necessary movements will return. "God forbid if with this situation we enter October-November." Finally, he said that so far the index (R) of transmissibility in Attica is over 1, while he estimates that in the summer of 2021 the phenomenon will begin to subside and will disappear. Regarding the Astra Zeneca vaccine, he said that if a third side effect will appear, the vaccine is withdrawn.