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Court finds Golden Dawn guilty of being a criminal organization

Featured Court finds Golden Dawn guilty of being a criminal organization

A historic decision of the Greek Justice was announced today (7 October), after the Golden Dawn party was convicted as a criminal organization.

All 17 Golden Dawn politicians were found guilty of belonging to a criminal organization. The 7, in fact, were found guilty of directing a criminal organization.

Specifically, Nikos Michaloliakos, Elias Kasidiaris, Giannis Lagos, George Germenis, Elias Panagiotaros, Artemis Mattheopoulos and Christos Pappas were found guilty of directing a criminal organization.

The court earlier found Giorgos Roupakias guilty of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, while 15 of the 17 accused were found guilty in the same case, ie all except Santorinios and Tsakanikas. All those accused of the attacks on PAME and the Egyptian fishermen were also found guilty.

Magda Fyssa: "Pavlos did it… My son"
Following the announcement of the court decision for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, his mother, Magda Fyssa said: "Pavlos did it… My son", and the crowd that had gathered outside the Court of Appeals burst into applause.

The following were found guilty of the murder of Fyssa:

Anastasios - Marios Anadiotis
George Dimou
Hopeful Kalaritis
Ioannis Vassilios Komianos
Konstantinos Korkovilis
Anastasios Michalaros
Georgios Patelis, secretary of the Nikaia branch - head of the organization
George Skalkos
George Stampelos
Leon Tsalikis
Athanasios Tsorvas
Nikolaos Tsorvas and
Aristotlis Chrysafitis

Regarding the attack on the members of PAME, the court turned the accusation into dangerous bodily injury and the the accused Kastrinos, Pantazis and Hatzidakis were found guilty, while for the rest the prosecution was for simple bodily injury ceases.

The crowd burst into applause
Both those inside the courtroom and the huge crowd outside the Court of Appeals burst into applause with the announcement of the Golden Dawn verdict.

Tensions outside the court
At this historic moment, hooded individuals tried to tarnish the event by throwing Molotov cocktails, smoke bombs and various other objects at the police forces outside the Court of Appeals, with the police trying to repel them. For about 15 minutes there was tension, but it ffizlled out a little later.

Everything that happened this morning in the Court of Appeals in the historic Golden Dawn trial
The 454th day of the Golden Dawn trial began at 11:22 in the ceremony hall of the Athens Court of Appeals. Present were the accused: Aggos, Kazantzoglou, Skalkos, Michalaros, Chrysafitis, Hatzidakis, Tsorvas N., Tsorvas Ath., Tsalikis.

While all of Greece was waiting for the court decision and the sentencing of Chrysi Avgi, members of the youth of SYRIZA and ANTARSIA came to blows and created incidents outside the Court of Appeal. Without the reason for the tension being known, young people from the two blocs came into conflict. Suddenly the blood burned and both sides came to grips. Fists, kicks and pushes between young people while everyone was waiting to learn the decision of the court for Golden Dawn. The calmer ones tried to stop them, but from time to time there were some skirmishes.

Shortly before 11 o'clock, the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, arrived outside the Court of Appeals and stated: "The people are giving their verdict. They are not innocent. We know this very well, about their actions, about the murders, the violence, about the poisoning of Greek society with hatred and division. We hope that Justice will rise to the occasion and give this verdict as it should. In the consciousness of the Greek people, however, it is a criminal organization and it will go where it should, that is, in the garbage can of history, as befits the struggles of this people, the history of this place ".

Banners with the slogan "They are not innocent" were spread in neighboring buildings of the Court of Appeal

Crowds of people on Alexandras Avenue were waiting for the decision for the Golden Dawn from early in the morning. 

The slogan "They are not innocent everywhere" was also present in the masks of those gathered, as well as the slogan "The Nazis in prison". And of course there were banners for Pavlos Fyssas

"Justice, only, Justice", were the three words that Pavlos Fyssas's mother said to the journalists who approached her while she was coming to court.
Fofi Gennimata, the leader of KINAL/PASOK was also outside the Court of Appeal.

A ND delegation was also present at the Court of Appeals, consisting of the secretary of the Political Committee of New Democracy George Stergiou, the general director of the party Giannis Bratakos, spokesman Tassos Gaitanis and the head of ONED Pavlos Marinakis. "New Democracy has blocked the way for nostalgic fascists and racists. It was everywhere in front of them, both in society and in Parliament. It canceled their plans in practice, putting them on the sidelines, where they really belong ", the secretary of the Political Committee of ND, George Stergiou pointed out,