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Golden Dawn members in jail - Lagos awats lifting EMP immunity, Pappas fled

Featured Golden Dawn members in jail - Lagos awats lifting EMP immunity, Pappas fled

The last act of a series of lawsuits that began seven years ago, a few days after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini, will be played today for those of the 39 convicts of the Golden Dawn criminal organization who are in the hands of the Authorities.

The 39 who yesterday heard "no" from the court in their request to remain free until the hearing of the appeal, today - when the formal procedures are completed - will be in the penitentiaries referred to each by the Prosecutor of Execution of Sentences.

The so-called "prison warrants" are now ready for those who appeared voluntarily in court and were arrested there, but also for all the others who are in the hands of the authorities from yesterday at noon onwards. The detainees - also due to the measures for the coronavirus - will probably not be transferred to the Penitentiary Prosecutor, unless someone wants to appear before him to request a change of detention center, etc., and therefore their direct transfer to prisons is expected.

Golden Dawn: The two who will not be taken to prison
The court order for "immediate assessment" will not be applied in its entirety at the moment, as for two names of those sentenced to prison, the "direct" imprisonment ordered by the court does not seem to apply. MEP Giannis Lagos, who is required to start a legal process through the European Parliament, and the "deputy leader" of Golden Dawn, Christos Pappas, who "chose" not to appear, according to his lawyer, will not be among thosewho will be taken to prison today.