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Odd case of foreigners arrested on Lesvos

Featured Odd case of foreigners arrested on Lesvos

A strange case involving four foreigners is being investigated by the Mytilene Port Authority. It all started the day before yesterday, Tuesday, in the sea area of ​​Agios Stefanos in Mantamado of northeastern Lesvos, when, as part of a patrol by officials of the Mytilene Port Authority, a speedboat from Turkey was found approaching the shores at high speed and landing two people. Then ιτe left ατ great speed towards the Turkish coast.

At the same time, a car arrived on the shore by land. car with two occupants, which, picked up the two disembarked and drove away developing speed. A chase ensued and the chased car was finally immobilized. The 33-year-old driver of the car, who was even wearing a diving suit, and the 35-year-old co-driver, who are accused of being traffickers, were arrested. The two disembarked from the boat, aged 29 and 33, who were sitting in the back of the vehicle, were also arrested.

The attire, the equipment and the organization that is described, clearly show that we are talking about spies who came in as "refugees". We tremble at the thought of how many more are on the islands.

As it turned out at the pre-trial and was announced by the Coast Guard, all four are foreigners. The two accused as traffickers had entered from Evros and even had registration papers. Then they came to Mytilene where they rented houses in the area of ​​the city of Mytilene and in the area of ​​Thermi.

The Central Port Authority of Mytilene, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, confiscated the car, diving equipment, a camera, six mobile phones as well as a forged travel document held by one of the two transported men. Investigations into the case are ongoing.