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Hardalias on covid in Greece: 'We are at the beginning of the end'

Featured Hardalias on covid in Greece: 'We are at the beginning of the end'

Deputy Civil Protection and Crisis Management Minister Nikos Hardalias said Greece was "at the beginning of the end" of the battle against the novel coronavirus, in an interview with Alpha TV late on Tuesday where he also referred to the vaccination effort and the gradual return to normality. 

"...just a few more weeks, just a few more months before we are able to return, step by step, to the normality we have lost," he said.

On the course of the pandemic in Greece, Hardalias said that Europe and the entire world was coming under pressure from a third wave of the pandemic but that "here, in Greece, we are still resisting, we are still fighting."

Referring to the government's cooperation with the committee of scientists, Hardalias said that two technical meetings were held every day with professor of infectious diseases Sotiris Tsiodras attending and that everything was discussed before final decisions were taken.

With respect to the vaccine and the vaccinations, Hardalias clarified that the preparation for vaccinations started two months earlier because many different groups of people are involved.

Asked if the government are worried, he replied they are worried every day. 

Hardalias clarified that he is the one who announces the government's decisions and always in consultation with the epidemiologists committee, adding that the government has never taken a major decision without the advice and opinion of the epidemiologists.