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Prosecutor orders emergency medical measures for terrorist Koufodinas

Featured Prosecutor orders emergency medical measures for terrorist Koufodinas

A Lamia court of first instance prosecutor on Tuesday ordered that all necessary medical measures be taken to ensure that jailed terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas continues to receive liquid pharmaceutical treatment. 

Koufodinas, currently in his 47th day of hunger strike, has refused since Monday evening to receive all liquids, including water and pharmaceutical treatment, and is refusing to consent to their provision, reads the prosecution office statement. The patient also "attempted self-harm by forcibly removing a catheter on his left arm," which was prevented by the immediate intervention of medical staff at the intensive care unit where he is currently treated. 

The order was issued at the suggestion of doctors "for the purpose of ensuring the life and health of hunger striker Dimitris Koufodinas, who, according to the attached medical documents, fell into a state of immediate danger for his life or serious and permanent damage to his health", was added in the statement. 

Koufodinas has been jailed at the Domokos agricultural prison, near Lamia, and began his hunger strike on January 8 to demand he be transferred to Korydallos prison, in the Piraeus area.