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Health of jailed terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas deteriorates

Featured Health of jailed terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas deteriorates

The health of convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas has swiftly deteriorated on Saturday, said Head of Lamia General Hospital Andreas Kolokithas in an announcement released on the day. 

Koufodinas is currently being treated in the hospital's intensive care unit for an 11th consecutive day, after having first been treated for 22 days in a regular pathology ward. 

"In full compliance with current legislation, ICU staff are taking all the necessary medical and pharmacological actions to deal with the consequences of the patient's persistent refusal to eat or receive liquids", added the statement. 

"The medical staff continues to provide its services in accordance with the code of medical ethics, in order to ensure the health of the patient with full respect for human rights", concluded the hospital statement. 

Koufodinas has been jailed at the Domokos agricultural prison, near Lamia, and began his hunger strike on January 8 in demand of his transfer to Korydallos prison, in the Piraeus area.