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Swim club member arrested for the rape of two minor girls

Featured Swim club member arrested for the rape  of two minor girls

A founding member of an Attica Swimming Club fell into the hands of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate of Attica after complaints from two underage athletes that seven years ago, when they were 10 years old, they were sexually abused by this man for two whole years in 2013-2015.

According to the case file: "The special team of experienced officers handling the case, estimate that this particular factor THA has sexually abused other underage girls, as for more than 12 years he was a founding member of the swimming He helped with the organization and training of underage girls at a very young age and wore a swimsuit and made various comments about their bodies as one in obscene sexual conversations to arouse them sexually, invited them to his house to watch pornographic movies together and have sex with them ".

The two girls, 17 years old today, int the previous weeks at Attica police HQ, went up to the offices of the 8th floor of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate and reported all the nightmares they were experiencing from the specific man, 74 years old today. In fact, apart from the horrible descriptions, they told the experienced officers and the psychologists that they took the courage to open their mouths after the complaints of Sofia Bekatorou

Police, following a warrant last Wednesday, raided his home, handcuffed him and confiscated pornographic material. The elderly man, who in addition to being a founding member of the specific group was also in the organization of the trainings, was taken to the Prosecutor with the accusations of rape and on Saturday to the Investigator who ordered his pre-trial detention in the prison of Tripoli.

The two cases

According to the case file, on January 21, a 17-year-old student went to Police with her mother and complained that from the time she went to the 4th grade in 2013 until the 5th grade in 2015, TH.A., who she knew from the gym club's swimming team and was a person her parents trusted to accompany her to the swim, performed sexual acts against her and showed pornographic videos.

The last time he acted against her was when she was in junior high school, where he offered her to go to his house under the pretext of giving her a depilatory cream, where he made her watch a pornographic film and forced her to have sex. The thorough investigation of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate of Attica Security revealed that the man similarly approached a peer of the first girl in 2015 and who revealed to the police that he started sexually harassing her on her way to the swimming pool several times. when she was alone in his car without other female athletes. He talked to her persistently and vulgarly about the sexual act and had shown her a pack of condoms explaining things about them. In March 2019, was the last time she got into his car.