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The taste of wine and the Aegean

Tasting great wines may be a transporting experience, but there’s no substitute for actually getting off the couch and going there,” or so the pundits at Wine Enthusiast magazine.


An article entitled “10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2014” starts off with the Aegean Islands, and more specifically Santorini, Samos, and Crete, which as the authors say “have excellent choices for lodging and fine dining, and the network of ferries and short-hop flights make visiting one or more of these convenient and simple”

The article notes the great Greek wine varieties found on the island, Like Santorini's specialties, Assyrtiko, Aidani, Voudomato, and Mavrotragano, the sweet reds of Samos made from Muscat grapes, and Vilana, apricot-scented Vidiano, and Mantilari from Crete.

As can be expected the article waxes lyrical on the beauties of the islands, especially the unique views offered by Santorini, and how best to observe them. Tips are also offered on activities, and of course, dining, and who to seek out for information and help. Budget tips, are of course also mentioned.

Read the article here: http://www.winemag.com/February-2014/10-Best-Wine-Travel-Destinations-2014/