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Retail opens on Monday, inter-municipal travel free from Saturday

Featured Retail opens on Monday, inter-municipal travel free from Saturday

With small and safe steps, the government chose to proceed to decompress society from the strict lockdown.

The consistently high number of cases, the pressure on the health system and the fear of crowded images in shopping streets and squares led to milder interventions than expected, following the recommendation of the committee of experts.

Retail opens by SMS to 13032
The dominant issue at yesterday's meeting was the reopening of the retail trade. The Ministry of Development had suggested the opening of the stores with the use of the new SMS service at 13032 and a duration of three hours, without other restrictions. Many members of the committee appeared reluctantly at the opening because of the epidemiological picture. Finally, after many hours of discussion, the green light was given for April 5, with the condition of the electronic control of the citizens' movements (through SMS).

The PM's office added additional safety valves allowing click away and click in shop after the customer's appointment with the store. The main reason that led to this decision was to avoid overcrowding on major shopping streets, as happened last January.

The department stores will also remain closed and their opening will be re-examined next week. A more controlled opening and gradual liberalization of activities was preferred, despite the urgent request of the commercial world for the normal operation of the stores and it remains to be seen how it will react to the decisions. Competent sources clarified that during the three-hour SMS for purchases, inter-municipal movements will be allowed, something that was not made clear during yesterday's announcements.

Pilot measure with inter-municipal movements
In the same spirit and the decision on inter-municipal travel. The government has chosen to lift the ban, using code 6 for exercise only, and up to three people or a family for weekends only. The barometer for the continuation will be the next weekend of April 3 and 4, as if there are images of overcrowding in specific places and circumvention of the relative relaxation, the measure will be reconsidered.

The commission reportedly avoided taking a position on the issue and the government took it upon itself, taking into account the citizens' fatigue. In addition, it is believed that the transfer of activities to open spaces, with the help of weather conditions, is safer than gatherings in houses and indoors.