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Prince Nikolaos represents Greece at the Design Biennale in London: 1-27 June 2021

Featured Prince Nikolaos represents Greece at the Design Biennale in London: 1-27 June 2021

The artist presents his work entitled ‘Together’ a magical, emerging scene of illuminated and intertwined olive trees that are reflected in mirrors and are surrounded by sounds of Greek nature, urging visitors to recall feelings of origin, union, and separation.

Prince Nikolaos, based in Athens and having grown up in London, returns to the United Kingdom to present his latest work at the Greek exhibition booth at the Design Biennale in London. The artist presents ‘Together’, a magical, ancient tree scene that examines how we interact with nature and how to be present in the present we must reflect the past that projects our future.

Dedicated to photography, Prince Nikolaos specializes in capturing nature. Six years after his first Christie's exhibition and having exhibited in several cities including Melbourne, Doha, and Copenhagen, the artist returns to London to present his work that extends beyond photography, using a variety of media to express his vision. .

This penetrating exhibition piece invites visitors to stay inside a low-light installation featuring two illuminated, intertwined olive trees reflected in mirrors and surrounded by sounds of Greek nature. Visitors, absorbed by the presentation, feel this eternal power and beauty of the two embracing olive trees and can recall feelings of origin, union, and separation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we perceive the natural world and our place in it, forcing us to reevaluate and change our human relationships, and has encouraged us to turn to our roots for inspiration. Finding in these ancient foundations, this sense of being in the world and being part of a broader narrative is like finding the center of our balance.

Looking for ways where the past is in tune with the present and the future, Prince Nikolaos explores the natural treasure that springs from Greek soil: the olive tree and its fruit with its bright golden hues. The way we cultivate and collect olives from antiquity until today has not changed much. The beneficial properties of olive oil for the protection of our health are widely known, thus proving that nature has given us abundantly and generously everything we need. In Greece there are olive trees over 2,500 years old, which have participated in human history and remain guards and witnesses in everything that connects us with our past.

Combining these concepts into a natural space, the artist created this penetrating scene with trees. Walking among the illuminated ancient trees is like walking in a path that connects our past, present, and future. In this almost silent space created by the minimal lighting emitted exclusively by the work of art and its reflection, the viewer can feel the calm that we felt during this time of forced separation and disconnection under the atmospheric soothing sounds of nature. This reminds us to remain silent and listen to nature and our environment as it transcends time and ultimately seeps through us.