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Mytilineos - For the 3rd year it is collaborating with the organization "The Tipping Point" and leads the new generation in the labor market

Featured Mytilineos - For the 3rd year it is collaborating with the organization "The Tipping Point" and leads the new generation in the labor market

Today, when the challenges and opportunities for young people are more than ever, Mytilineos continues to be by their side and help them make their dreams come true. Thus, for the third consecutive year, it continues its collaboration with the organization "The Tipping Point", implementing the eponymous experiential educational program that brings together students with their own professional standards.

Specifically, adolescents from 40 schools in Greece, but also for the first time abroad, learn more about the studies or profession they want to pursue, so that they are properly prepared for the important academic and professional decisions they will be called upon to make. This collaboration also helps in the psychological reinforcement and empowerment of students.

The program is based on innovative methods, as with the use of new technologies, live "mentoring" sessions are held with successful professionals and academic mentors. Especially in the current situation, with the limitations of health, distance communication is reduced to a successful condition, where students regardless of geographical area, economic and social status can "meet" their standards and receive answers to questions about their future.

During the two previous school years 2019-2021, Mytilineos through "The Tipping Point" gave the opportunity to 4,004 students from 45 schools from all over Greece to discover their interests and connect for the first time in their lives with labor market. In particular, 340 group sessions were held, where 255 professionals and academics as mentors contributed voluntarily and shared knowledge and experiences, informing and empowering students.

Indicatively some of the specialties of mentors, with which the schools supported by Mytilineos have been connected during the previous two school years:

Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard University (has received an award for her research on metabolism and cancer from the American Heart Association)
Head of Foreign Policy at the European Parliament Research Office and Research Fellow at the Chatham House Institute
Engineer at CERN
Paralympic Swimming and Physiatrist
Emeritus Rector of Columbia University School of Journalism in New York
Astrophysicist at the University of Cologne
Surgeon with active voluntary action in third world countries

Mytilineos, by strengthening the program, contributes to the creation of informed and conscious young people in terms of their academic choices and their future professional career in decent jobs. This initiative acquires special value for the Company and is implemented in the context of the strategic partnerships it develops with important social actors to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals (Objectives 4 and 17), while helping the country retain its successful professionals of tomorrow, reducing the “brain drain”.