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ENFIA property tax for 2022

Featured ENFIA property tax for 2022

The countdown has begun for the revelations of the new ENFIA property tax, which will bring, among other things, an average reduction of 3% to 4% for 2022.

The new scale for the calculation of ENFIA is in the final stage of its formation and will be ready in the next period.

According to an exclusive report by MEGA, the additional tax, which concerns 450,000 property owners with property over € 250,000, is abolished.

There will be no change in the tax rates for 7,000,000 owners. The calculation of ENFIA will be based on the new objective values.

In 7,634 zones (55% of the total) an increase of objective values is expected, while in areas with ENFIA increases, a "cutter" after any increase over 10% will be introduced.

Regarding the 50% or 100% discounts, the income & property criteria are expanded, due to the increase of the objective values, which concern 1,350,000 owners.

The payment of the 1st installment of the tax will be made in March 2022, with the total installments amounting to 10 euros per month.

It is noted that the state proceeds from the ENFIA of 2022 will be approximately € 60 million less compared to that of 2021.